We are mental health professionals who believe mental wellness is a right and not a privilege. We demonstrate this with our combined 40 years of professional experience working in community behavioral health settings. We are committed to providing highly effective and individualized counseling services to meet the unique needs of DMV residents in support of their mental well-being.

Meet the team


Joanne Kim, M.Ed., LPC

I am a licensed professional counselor in the District of Columbia and co-owner of M&K Counseling Associates Inc. I have over 15 years of work experience in various behavioral health settings. My professional efforts focused on providing equitable and inclusive healthcare to culturally diverse populations. I want to personally ensure that M&K Counseling Associates Inc delivers exceptional counseling and psychotherapy services while considering every individual’s financial situation.


Jami Murray, Ed.D, LPC-DC-VA, LCPC-MD, NCC

I am a co-owner of M&K Counseling Associates Inc and have over 20 years of professional experience in leadership, supervisory, and practitioner roles in various behavioral health settings. I’m a licensed professional counselor in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia and earned a doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. I am also an adjunct professor at George Mason University’s College of Education and Human Development Clinical Counseling Program. In my practice, I have helped a diverse population of clients overcome a variety of challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, family conflict, career or academic stressors, and relationship concerns. I also have extensive knowledge working with mental illness, motivation challenges, LGBTQIA populations, and domestic abuse.


Carolyn Clark, LICSW-DC
Junior Partner

Partnering with individuals to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and overcome their obstacles is my passion. I have worked with a diverse population of clients in the non-profit sector for the last 5 years. During which time I have worked with adults, teens, and children, including veterans and members of the LGBTQIA community, to develop strategies that allow them to achieve their goals. I have experience with a wide range of mental health diagnoses, trauma, substance use, and domestic violence. I believe building our understanding of how our brains and emotions work empowers each of us to live life more fully.


Danielka Zeledon, LPC-VA-DC
Clinical Supervisor

I am a bilingual Spanish-English licensed professional counselor serving clients in Virginia and the District of Columbia. I graduated from the Community Agency Counseling program at George Mason University. I have advanced training and professional experience using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other evidence based practices that focus on body-mind connection. I received training to practice CBT at the GMU’s Center for Psychological Services during my internship, and have significant experience working with survivors and offenders of domestic violence through various professional experiences. My therapeutic approach is collaborative and directive in nature, and I support clients to strengthen their sense of autonomy throughout treatment. I enjoy working with culturally diverse populations and couples. I recognize the power of human potential to promote change, and use the therapeutic connection to promote client's healing.


Anne DeGirolamo, LICSW- DC
Clinical Supervisor

I am a warm and engaging  therapist with over 15 years of counseling experience. I am also an adjunct instructor at Catholic University School of Social Work. My conversational approach to therapy combines humanistic and cognitive behavioral styles in a non-judgmental and inviting manner. I have extensive experience working with trauma, victims of sexual assault, and substance abuse. During the early 1990's, I was an AIDS epidemic advocate who worked with families and individuals living with this disease.


Dawne Sherman, LPC-VA-DC, LCPC-MD
Clinical Supervisor

I am currently a Resident in Counseling in Virginia with a dual master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and K-12 School Counseling.  For the past seven years, I have provided mental health and addiction treatment services in a variety of community agency settings.  In addition, I have a year and a half of experience as a school counselor, supporting youth and teens with a broad range of concerns.  My clinical focus is on empowerment, growth, and change.  I am inspired to assist individuals with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, LGBTQ concerns, grief work, pet loss, and other life transitions.


Gaku Fujiyama, Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

I am a bilingual Japanese-English Resident in Counseling licensed in Virginia. I have experience helping a diverse population of clients with their challenges related to anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, trauma, career or academic stressors, and communication skills. I also have advanced training and professional experience using CBT and other evidence-based practices interning at George Mason University's Center for Psychological Services and Cognitive Assessment Program.


Patricia Mathison, Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

I am a passionate and engaging therapist who believes everyone can heal and grow. I partner with my clients to empower them so they can recognize their own capacity to make positive change through a humanistic and person-centered approach. I have experience working with grief and loss, survivors of trauma, identity issues, LGBTQIA populations, and youth on socio-emotional wellbeing. I aim to utilize my background and commitment for social justice to address barriers to mental wellness.


Alex Arkoian, Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

I am a nonjudgmental, open-minded, and compassionate therapist who is curious about my clients and their unique emotional, cultural, and social experiences. I am skilled working with adolescents and adults on challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, and grief. I use a blend of counseling theories and techniques to collaborate with and empower my clients, including strength-based, person-centered, and relational therapy. I have great respect and admiration for clients seeking to heal and grow.


Nicole Brzozowski, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am a warm and person-centered graduate counselor licensed in Washington, D.C. Strengths-based, narrative, and multicultural in my approach, I believe in partnering with my clients to empower them to embody their strengths and capacities to make positive change. As a bi-racial Korean-American who has worked domestically and abroad, I have experience working with diverse populations on challenges related to career development, academic stressors, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, identity, and motivation.


Shavonne Williams, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I have over 6 years of professional experience focusing on mental wellness for high-risk populations. I am a culturally competent clinician who uses a conversational style of therapy. I started as an intern in 2020 and now work full-time at M&K supporting clients with various challenges. At M&K, I have predominantly worked with young professionals going through life adjustments, experiencing anxiety, depression, symptoms of trauma, mood disorders, ADHD and personality disorders. I believe everyone can learn and facilitate their growth if they are open to the counseling and healing process.


Chelsey Young, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am a non judgmental, empathic Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. With over 7 years of experience providing social services in the DMV area, working with high risk populations, those experiencing symptoms of mental health (such as Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD), those struggling with substance use, and members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. I strive to utilize a trauma informed, culturally competent approach in order to provide a safe and supportive environment. I recognize that every individual is unique and I empower clients to achieve their therapeutic goals.


Jalen Graves, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am an affirming Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in DC, as well as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. I predominantly utilize CBT, DBT, and Motivational interviewing when working with clients experiencing issues with substance abuse disorders, ADHD, life transitions, relationship issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression. I enjoy working with emerging adults in a solution focused, person centered environment. I also enjoy working with clients who identify with different cultural backgrounds and the LGBTQIA community.


Krysta Michaelides, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC, MD
Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

I have over 8 years of professional experience providing counseling services with diverse populations in New York and the DMV area, including being a crisis counselor in helping sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. I understand that my role isn’t to tell you how to live, but to help you explore ways to live that fully meet your needs and create a fulfilling life. As a therapist, I utilize evidence-based practices and mindfulness techniques to help clients learn and facilitate their growth through the counseling and healing process. I aim to create a collaborative authentic space to foster healing for clients, and I am inspired to assist individuals with self-esteem, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction and other life challenges. I also specialize in working with medical and corporate professionals, as well as the Web3 community. It is my passion to help individuals empower themselves, to develop a deeper self-awareness and to overcome obstacles they encounter in their lives.


Dorothy Mebane, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am a licensed graduate professional counselor for Washington, DC. I obtained my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Mason University where I interned at the GMU Center for Psychological Services. I have experience and advanced training using behavioral and CBT interventions, components of DBT, mindfulness, and other evidence-based practices. My prior work experience includes crisis counseling at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and working with homeless and immigrant populations. Using a person-centered and collaborative approach, I help culturally diverse clients facing challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, loss (including loss of a child), self-esteem, and relationship distress, as they find hope and become empowered to move forward to a more fulfilling life.


Karla Kolb, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am a non-judgmental counselor who is eager to learn about your individual circumstances and struggles. I have a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Washington University. I have also worked in a variety of mental health treatment settings and most valued my experience working with adults in underprivileged populations. My range of experiences include, but is not limited to, supporting people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, life stressors, and substance use. I seek to tailor treatment to the unique needs of each client and value culturally sensitive approaches to therapy. I strive to work collaboratively with my clients to empower them to accomplish their life goals.


Runa Alnoor, Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

I deeply believe in an empathetic, non-judgmental and curious approach to learning each individual’s unique life story. I am passionate about providing a safe environment to share your highs and lows, unlearn thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you, and replace them with more healthy and effective habits.I have experience working in schools, homes, and offices with children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and families. I use a combination of strength based approaches that are tailored to individual needs. I am also fluent in English and Pashto and welcome clients with diverse backgrounds.


Peter Devlin, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I practice a relational form of psychodynamic/humanistic therapy that views the therapeutic relationship as central to the therapeutic process. My areas of clinical interest include treatment-resistant mood disorders and personality disorders. I have had great success working with people who have had difficulty connecting to therapists in the past and enjoy working with couples. I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received a Masters in social work from the University of Southern California.


Jamal Arogundade, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC

I am a warm and engaging licensed graduate professional counselor who believes everyone can heal and grow to their fullest potential in a supportive non-judgmental environment. I operate from a holistic, trauma-informed, systemically aware perspective with an emphasis on wellness. I like to partner with my clients by providing a safe comfortable space so they can explore their life challenges, and collectively establish goals that foster self-empowerment and self-betterment. I have experience working with young adults and professionals on a wide variety of issues including grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions. My conversational style of therapy combines strength based and person-centered approaches that are tailored to every client's needs. I specialize LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy and working clients who experience systemic traumas.


Adam Thibodeau, Licensed Graduate Social Worker - DC

I've been practicing since 2007 and have a Master’s Degree from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I have an eclectic approach to therapy that includes Gestalt, Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Art Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I'm passionate about providing group therapy to various populations including adolescents, women, and survivors of working with survivors of domestic violence. I was also awarded by BMe Community, a nonprofit national network of Black leaders and innovators who empower aspiring communities, for my work with Latino Youth in Southwest Detroit. In 2012, I helped organize faith leaders in Cape Town, South Africa to deliver more gender equality messages in their sermons. In my spare time, I enjoy loving and raising my two daughters, traveling, and rehabbing homes. I'm an artist who has been commissioned to paint murals in Detroit, and on Curacao Island. My background in global work, art, community organizing, and therapy has aided me in understanding the complex systems that impact my clients’ lives. I strive to support clients in adjusting, adopting, and thriving in a changing world.


Alicia Kramp, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor - DC
Licensed Resident Counselor - VA

As a clinician, my mission is to offer hope and peace to clients struggling with issues related to life transitions, relationships, self-doubt, identity, anxiety, and other life challenges. I walk alongside clients as they experience an often overwhelming and broken world and hold space for clients to develop perspective, compassion, and empathy for themselves and others. I use relational connection, humor, and honesty to help clients overcome their psychological and relational pain so that they can live their story more authentically, more fully, and more freely. I live in Arlington with my husband and dog and love traveling, dancing at weddings, and taking long naps.


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