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In response to COVID-19 we're now offering telehealth services for all clients in the DMV.

We currently have a waitlist. Please fill out the intake forms on the contact page if you would like to be waitlisted.


Rise & Shine

The rooster has symbolic meaning in cultures around the world. It represents resurrection, potential, uniqueness, sexuality, fortitude, confidence and new beginnings.


We have over 35 years of combined experience working in community behavioral health settings. We are committed to providing highly effective, individualized counseling services to meet the unique needs of DMV residents.


Wellness Wheel

We believe an individual’s psychological, cultural, emotional, spiritual, occupational, physical, social, and educational health is pivotal to their wellbeing. The wellness wheel is used by counselors to illustrate various dimensions of an individual.

"We believe mental wellness is a right and not a privilege." ™


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